Run to Give

The Rotary Club of Naperville Sunrise Foundation is a 503(C) non-for-profit that makes a huge impact!

Our two major fundraiser events are the Naper Lights show held during the holiday season and the St. Paddy’s Day 5K. Through these two events we are able to donate to our run recipient charity, fund our give back days, and fund our Avenues of Service yearly campaigns.


Help young people achieve career goals by sponsoring career fairs.

Encourage youth to continue their education goals by sponsoring “Above and Beyond Scholarship.”

Encourage young people to act with integrity and inspire others to behave ethically through words and actions.  Sponsor Kids Matter Seminars on Ethics and Integrity.

Encourage high school students to think creatively by researching and developing businesses.  Participate in High School Incubator Program.

Encourage Rotarians to speak about their Vocation at meetings. Once a month we feature a Rotarian to talk on his or her career.

Community Service

The community service committee of Sunrise Rotary (SR) reaches out to the Naperville community to obtain in kind
products, services and labor, and donate them other individuals and charities, typically serving youth, homeless and
families in need. Generally, there is little or no cash fundraising for our activities. There are about 10 activities that
have historically occurred during the course of a 12-month year. Sometimes we collaborate with other SR service
committees in order to accomplish our mission, as well as reaching out to the whole chapter for support.


Our youth avenue of service collaborates with the local high school Interact Rotarians. We provide funding for their needs, and give them opportunities to volunteer at our Rotary held events.


Our international Avenue of Service has participated in multiple global grants over the years. Through Rotaries multiplier effect we are able to generate 2-4X returns on our funds donated. This has allowed us to put money towards building water tanks in Guatemala, give funds for new schools, books and everyday items that we take for granted.

Run Recipient

Each year our run selects a recipient to receive funds to help sponsor a specific need or program that they are trying to implement. We challenge our recipients to make an impact and develop new programs that will help their charity grow both in the short and long term.

Service Days

By far the most enjoyable part of being a Rotarian is the give back days that we take part in. We often find ourselves covered in mud with spring and fall clean up days for individuals or the Saint Patrick’s Nursing home.

Join us for a Sunrise meeting Friday mornings at 7AM to find out how you can make an impact!